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Got gaps?

Invest a year to
pursue wholeness

The Whole Bible

The Whole Person

The Whole World

We will read through and study the entire Bible.

We will help you deal with past hurts and hangups, and also explore your gifting and strengths.

We will go on a cross-cultural trip to experience what God is doing throughout the world.

Close the gaps and live wholeheartedly.

You want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, but you’re just not sure how to get there. You read your Bible and go to church, but you sense that there must be more. You wish there was a clear way forward and someone to show you the way. It just doesn’t seem right that following Jesus would be left all up to you.

Join Gap Year and grow deeper
in your relationship with God

• Gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.
• Find your spot in the local church.
• See what God is up to in the world.
• Build a strong foundation for the future.
• Learn to integrate your faith in all of life.


Proven leaders to
show you the way

We get it. We’ve been there, too. We know what it feels like to want to pursue God with all of your heart but not knowing the steps to take. We too needed someone to give us the tools and show us the way to go. And now we want to be those people for you. We want to share what we’ve learned from years of walking with Jesus, to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and get you going in the right direction.

A year of focused discipleship that will launch you into following Jesus and leading in the church

Gap Year is a 9-month program that includes daily classes, weekly opportunities to serve in the local church, and a number of trips to experience what God is doing in our state and around the world. You will live in community housing where you will have opportunities to cultivate lifelong friendships and practice what you are learning in the classroom.